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FOI Appeals

Please visit our Freedom Of Information section for information on complaints concerning an FOI Request

The Cayman Islands Fire Service Department is committed to providing a high quality of specialized service to all communities throughout the Cayman Islands. Occasionally, complaints have been received from members of the public against the Fire Service.


The purpose of the Fire Service Operational Orders is to provide standardize procedures for its effective management and operation. This document is an appendix to the Operational Orders and must be applied/enforced accordingly.

Complaints against Cayman Islands Fire Service Employees

Internal Complaints Form

Complaints Form

  1. These complaints may be received verbally or in writing. In the case of verbal complaints, the complainant should be asked to submit a written complaint to the Chief Fire Officer.
  2. If the complainant is unable to submit their complaint in writing, a verbal account will be accepted. In both instances the Chief Fire Officer will appoint an Officer to interview the complainant and a written statement shall be taken from them. This statement should be read to the complainant, then signed and dated by them.
  3. When an official complaint statement has been taken, a letter shall be sent to the complainant within 10 working days, acknowledging receipt of the complaint and informing them that the matter is under investigation.
  4. The matter under investigation shall be completed within 20 working days depending upon the complexity of the matter. If additional time is required to complete the investigation the complainant shall be formally advised in writing and a new completion date set.
  5. The complainant shall be provided with a signed copy of the statement.


  1. The Chief Fire Officer will normally forward the complaint to the Deputy Chief Fire Officer who may appoint an Investigating Panel to investigate the complaint. The Investigating Panel shall not be comprised of persons below the rank of a Divisional Officer.
  2. The Investigating Panel personnel shall be of a higher rank than the Fire Service member under investigation if applicable.

Who can complain

Complaints will be received from all members of the public, regardless of their Immigration Status.

How must the complaint be made?

It should be documented in the form of a written or oral statement.

If it is an oral statement given it is to be recorded, read by the complainant, signed and dated.

How is the complaint considered?

  1. An Officer must acknowledge receipt of the complaint being registered and indicate the proposed time frame in which the complaint will be addressed.
  2. The time of the complaint should be recorded.
  3. The date should also be recorded.
  4. The complainant shall be informed in writing by the Chief Fire Officer within 5 -10 working days of registering the complaint.
  5. A panel of not less than three Officers will review the case and submit a written report of their findings, and a recommendation to the Chief Fire Officer via the Deputy Chief Fire Officer.
  6. The Chief Fire Officer shall inform the complainant in writing of the outcome of the investigation within 10 working days of receipt of the report from the Panel.

Last Updated: 2008-12-12

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