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The Fire Department is a hierarchal organization which was established in 1956 as an Airport Fire Service with an Airport Fire Officer in command.

In 1980 the role of Chief Fire Officer was established because of the Domestic Service which was formed in 1979 and joined with Aerodrome Service.

The Fire Department is primarily a fire fighting and rescue service. There are currently 3 stations in Grand Cayman, located in West Bay, George Town, and Frank Sound. There is 1 in Cayman Brac and 1 in Little Cayman.

There are 166 personnel employed by the Fire Service. It is the only such service within the Cayman Islands and is called on to deal with a variety of incidents such as aircraft accidents, fires, building collapses, road accidents, situations requiring rescue techniques, and fire prevention. The Department plays a role in Hurricane preparedness and actually carries out rescue operations while the storm is in progress, at considerable risk to life and limb.

Governing Legislation and Regulations

  • Fire Brigade Law 21 of 2007 revision
  • Public service management Law 2007 and regulations 2006
  • Public Management and Finance Law 2005
  • The Freedom of Information law 2007

The only permits that CIFS grant are:-

  • Fire work permits
  • Building inspection

Request for information concerning permits not issued by CIFS will have to be directed to the public authority that has responsibilities for issuing a particular permit.

Last Updated: 2013-11-01

Last Updated 2014-01-28